Meet The Team

Ashley Kates

Owner & Creator of Heal & Seal.


Army wife, mom to Piper (5) & Ryder (18mo),  Pre+Postnatal Coach, CPT & lover of coffee.

"This mission was born from the woes of Postpartum Depression, feeling lost and helpless. I wanted to fill a hole in our community where women can be empowered and supported, no matter where they start, their preferences or their goal. Just empowered."

Jeannette Barrientos

Personal Trainer & Fitness Class Instructor

Wife, mother of 2 teenage girls with a passion and special training for women with MS and Autoimmune Disease

"As a woman with Crohns, I have found the body needs a different level of support than most programs, most trainers can give. Your body is not broken or working against you. Let me show you how to work WITH it!"

Amanda McCray

Personal Trainer

& Rush Hour Instructor

Wife & mother to Taylor (21) & Carter (2), National Level Figure Competitor, CPT with a passion for helping women

"I really just want to help people. I have a passion to show women how strong and capable they are beyond what they even know possible."

Michelle Matheny

Athletic Trainer, Group Trainer, Heal & Seal Instructor, Marketing Director

Wife & mother to 3 girls, with a set of twins and a desire to change care for women

"I remember feeling broken and frustrated that there was no solution for how women's bodies changed. I have a job to change that for all women."

Cara Branham

Small Group Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor

Wife & mother to two girls devoted to redefining Body Positivity through fitness

"I have been so many things and in so many places and I just want to be me. And it has taken a long time to find that within my body. At the end of the day, all women deserve that, they need that."


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