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PART 1: Rehabbing the Body

It's my personal story:

No one tells you how disconnected you will feel from your postpartum body... The loose skin, sagging tummy.

Your body doesn't look the way it did before and it seems like it never will feel like home again.

Diastasis Recti? What is that? Organs falling out? Just get surgery. Sound familiar?

Your body feels weak, old diets & workouts JUST DON'T WORK! It seems hopeless that it can ever feel strong and capable.

You join the groups, scroll google, read things that promise big things while conflicting with other big promises so who know what truth is.

But also, what happens if it doesn't work or when the program is done?

It is overwhelming for you to even try to dig through the endless articles and fitpros on social media and the cost coupled with uncertainty of it all makes it a gamble not worth taking.

So, you stay stuck. 

Marble Surface

what is the

A 6-week, triple-threat, body-transforming program that combines our evidence-based core + pelvic floor program, Heal+Seal, with everything a fitness coach could ever give you including…