The Postpartum Mom...

No one tells you how disconnected you will feel from your postpartum body...


The loose skin, sagging tummy.


Your body doesn't look the way it did before and it seems like it never will feel like home again.

Or the struggle to do basic things like sit up, stand up to cook dinner.

Your body feels weak and it seems hopeless that it can ever feel strong and capable.

Diastasis Recti? What is that? Organs falling out? Just get surgery. Sound familiar?

No one addresses how you have to mentally talk yourself into wanting to do basic things.

You're exhausted. The to-do list is long and you are the last thing on it with no idea how to begin putting yourself higher on the list.

You join the groups, scroll google, read things that promise big things while conflicting with other big promises so who know what truth is.

But also, what happens if it doesn't work or when the program is done?

It is overwhelming for you to even try to dig through the endless articles and fitpros on social media and the cost coupled with uncertainty of it all makes it a gamble not worth taking.

So, you stay stuck.

I Have Been There...

I can remember looking at my body after having my daughter feeling like a stranger within myself.

Everything was challenging physically because of my weakened core and pelvic floor but I also felt ashamed of my changed body.

I also remember not knowing who I was. I prayed for a baby and here she was but I didn't know who I was.


I knew who I wanted to be but had no idea how to get there as I was deep in the throws of postpartum depression, exhausted from sleep deprivation and overwhelmed.

So I ran, literally, to find home again within myself assuming that throwing my body into fitness would restore what I felt I lost but it did the opposite.


My body shut down, worsening my feeling of overwhelm and being lost within myself.

I constantly felt as if I was failing.


As a wife, as a mother and within my own skin.

There is HOPE. There is AFTER

Your postpartum body doesn't need to be beaten back to a size or shape, shamed for the cookies or to dismiss the fears and overwhelm.

Your postpartum body needs to be seen, nourished and supported in a way that acknowledges its story while supporting the vision of who you want to be.

After this epiphany, creating Heal & Seal, exploring the WHY behind my thoughts, actions and taking action, I had my son. 

Postpartum with him was refreshing.

I felt in control of my postpartum body. I knew how to connect to it and understood the steps of healing.

I saw the journey it had taken, appreciated it and knew the journey I needed to walk and did so with confidence as I grew stronger and more capable every week.

My body is stronger than it has ever been. Not just my core, pelvic floor and physique, but me on the inside.

I can feel when my body is in need and I know how to figure out what it needs and give it to it.

I am confident in who I am as a mother, as a wife, as a business owner. I know that even though I will hit rough patches, those moments do NOT define me.

I have a game plan for those trenches, giving myself space to grow from them and continue moving forward because those trenches DO come. 

Gradient Ocean

Brief Outline of 

What You Get...

8 week of guiding instruction including videos and a workbook to give you all the tools you need to not just take care of where you are now but empower you with all the steps needed to become who you want to be.

We will also meet weekly via zoom to build community and trouble shoot the tough spots together, as a team, so when you finish the 8 weeks, you are confident you can continue thriving.

Take Back Postpartum

The Postpartum Mom+me is an 8-week group program that restores all the parts of us as women with other women wanting the same things, walking the same path. This program can be done at ANY point postpartum, even 20 years into motherhood.

We RECONNECT you to:

*your core & pelvic floor

*see your bodies nutritional patterns

*see your bodies lines and ceilings physically

*what is realistic for your busy, demanding life

*who you are

We REBUILD you to:

*strengthen your core & pelvic floor

*hear your bodies nutritional needs intuitively (no diets)

*understand how to make fitness fit into your life

*know how to create your own fitness routine

*define who you want to be

We READY you to:

*recognize and implement adaptions for your own body to prevent future injury

*see the trenches ahead and plan for them to stay on track

*be prepared and empowered to structure your own plan for growth

*create and implement a game plan for those moments that caused you to "fail" in the past

We take you from disconnected, overwhelmed and hopeless to connected, capable and thriving!

Your life will change. Mine has changed.


You WILL be stronger within your body, your role and your mind.


You WILL feel more capable physically and mentally.

You WILL have a routine that doesn't come at the expense of other parts of your life.

You WILL be prepared, in fact, anticipating road blocks, ready to dig deep and overcome like a warrior going to battle

8-weeks. Guided. Community. Growth. You WILL experience a MASSIVE life change

Click below to check out the program out line, get signed up, and take back postpartum!


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